How To Safely Download Torrent Files

Friday , 10, April 2020 Leave a comment

Torrent is a service that allows us to store and upload various types of files using various types of clients such as UTorrent, BitTorrent and many more. Torrent was chosen because the files stored in Torrent can last a long time so the uploader does not need to worry that the address of the file they need is suddenly unusable. Besides, Torrent also offers more file variations than general sites. Unfortunately, behind the advantages of Torrent, several dangers are awaiting Torrent users. What are the dangers that await you who often download via the sites of Torrent service providers?

It is undeniable, besides being a den of various files such as videos, music, and various types of applications, Torrent is also a den of dangerous malware. Various files that you download, whether it’s applications or videos through the Peer to Peer path (the path that directly connects the download and uploader computers), may have been infiltrated by malware that was intentionally inserted by the uploader of the file. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that when you download from Torrent, always make sure to activate your antivirus and firewall and always scan the file you have downloaded.

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